License Plate Frames – Shiny Chrome Premium


Recessed letter or recessed panel with raised letter.

• 6-1/8″ x 12-1/4″.

• High impact polypropylene frame

• All frames styles available (panel size can vary)

• Standard is Chrome over Black frame

• White, Blue, Red or Gray frame available at additional charge

• Select “recessed letter” or “recessed panel with raised letters”

• Only the face of the plate is coated (not the sides)

• For recessed letter frames the frame color is the color of the letters

• For recessed panel frames the frame color is the color of the background of the recessed panel. The raised letters within the panel are available in different colors at an additional charge.

• Low setup charges

• Minimum quantity 500


Popular Frame Styles – License frames may interfere with letters or logos on license plates. We will do everything to minimize this effect. License frames should not black important information on the license plate. Please review your state standards before ordering.

Frame Styles 2014

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