Labor Division


Feel like this is your “prep” department sometimes?



Or this?


Our labor division, started 18 years ago, was established to give new car dealers the option of using our labor force to prepare their cars for stock, delivery and service washing.

Our people, Our chemicals Your store.

 Our crew which now numbers 80 strong works in your store during your store hours (yes even Sundays).

 Let our expertise clean deliveries, manage inventory. keeping your front line as clean as YOU expect  it to be.


Most “crunch”times occur the last week of the month. this is when we have the ability to send extra help to your store to keep up with demand. Even showroom cars are kept in “showroom” condition.


Detailed billing lets you know what cars were done. This gives you your true cost for delivery. no surprises ever!


 We make sure no detail is overlooked and you approve all work.



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