VIN Etch

How and why does it work?

         In the United States alone a vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds.  That’s over 1 million vehicles every year.  Most are never recovered.  The ones that are recovered usually have thousands of dollars in repairs.  And if you have a deductible, you’ll have to pay to get it repaired.  Etching is probably one of the best ways to make your car safe from professional thieves.  They are not after the vehicle, they are after the money the vehicles brings them after they sell it.  Etching places an identification code on every window on your vehicle.  This makes the vehicle traceable by police, so the thieves cannot sell it, because no one will risk buying it.  We also place a sticker on the car with our toll free number so that anyone can call and report the vehicle stolen.  Since changing all of the glass is too costly, the thieves will go to another vehicle.

Did you know?

  • Most insurance companies will reduce the cost of your comp/collision insurance when you have a vehicle theft deterrent system installed.
  • Our ETCH Program meets insurance requirements for reduction of insurance premiums for vehicle theft deterrent systems.

The Program:

  1. You vehicle identification number, or a unique registration number is etched on all glass window.
  2. Only our Etch Protection Program provides real financial help when you need it the most.


ETCH Program Coverages:

In the event your vehicle is stolen and not recovered

You receive a cash benefit that you can use towards the purchase or lease of a replacement vehicle, to pay your deductible or in any way you wish. (Limit based on program purchased)

Down Payment Help*

When you return to your selling dealer ship to purchase or lease your vehicle, you receive and additional benefit that you can apply to the purchase or lease of your replacement vehicle. (Limit based on program purchased)

Deductible Coverage*

If your vehicle is recovered from the theft but is NOT declared a total loss, you receive a reimbursement of up to $1,000 to pay your primary deductible. 


Wherever you are, you’ll enjoy the secure feeling of knowing that you are protected by our ETCH Protection Program. 

*see actual warranty for complete coverages